TWC Cable Modems Comparison Chart


A comparison of all available TWC Modems.

Setting Up the Netgear 3000d Wireless Network

To wirelessly connect to the gateway, a computer or wireless device must be configured with the same wireless settings as the gateway. The default wireless network name (SSID) for the gateway is Wireless. NETGEAR recommends that you change this for better wireless security and to make it easier to recognize your network when you want […]

Logging Into Your Netgear CG3000d TWC Cable Modem Router

You can log in to the gateway to view or change its settings. Links to Knowledge Base and documentation are also available on the gateway main menu. Note: To connect to the gateway you must use a computer configured for DHCP (most computers are). When you have logged in, if you do not click Logout, […]

Setting up Your Zoom Cable Modem to Connect to TWC Internet

Important! You must first register the cable modem with your cable service provider: Your cable service provider needs to know your modem’s MAC ADDRESS, which is printed on a label on the bottom of your modem. It may be labeled as Cable MAC, RF MAC, or MAC. You can provide this when you order cable […]

Troubleshooting the SBG901 Cable Modem

If the solutions listed here do not solve your problem, contact your service provider. Before calling your service provider, try pressing the Reset button on the rear panel of the SBG901. Resetting the SBG901 may take five to 30 minutes. Your service provider may ask for the status of the lights as described in Front-Panel […]

Parental Controls on the SBG901 Cable Modem

The SBG901 Parental Control Pages allow you to configure access restrictions to a specific device connected to the SBG901 LAN. You can click any Parental Control submenu option to view or change the configuration information for that option. Parental Control User Setup Page This page is the master page. Each user is linked to a […]

How To Configure the SBG901 Cable Modems Firewall Filters

The SBG901 Firewall Pages allow you to configure the SBG901 firewall filters and firewall alert notifications. The SBG901 firewall protects the SBG901 LAN from undesired attacks and other intrusions from the Internet. It provides an advanced, integrated stateful-inspection firewall supporting intrusion detection, session tracking, and denial-of-service attack prevention. The firewall: Maintains state data for every […]

Setting-Up Your SBG901 Cable Modem for Gaming

Configuring the Firewall for Gaming By default, the SBG901 firewall is enabled. As recommended, if you keep the firewall enabled, refer to the game’s documentation to ensure that the necessary ports are open for use by that game. The pre-defined SBG901 firewall policies affect Xbox LIVE® as follows: On the Firewall Web Content Filter Page, […]

How to Wall Mount a SBG901 Cable Modem


Do the following to mount the SBG901 on the wall: Locate the unit as specified by the local or national codes governing residential or business cable TV and communications services.  Follow all local standards for installing a network interface unit/network interface device (NIU/NID). If possible, mount the unit to concrete, masonry, a wooden stud, or […]

Obtaining an IP Address and Configuring TCP/IP on a Motorola SBG901 Cable Modem

Obtaining an IP Address for an Ethernet mConnection To obtain the IP address for your computer’s network interface, use one of the following moptions: Retrieve the statically defined IP address and DNS address Automatically retrieve the IP address using the Network DHCP server mThe Motorola SBG901 gateway provides a DHCP server on its LAN. It […]